Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Uh Oh... Uh Oh...

My sweet red mini van was in another side scraping incident...  Ouch!

It was the exact same side that President Turk
was scraped by the big truck.
Remember from a past blogspot,
a truck turned and hit the President and then he took off into the sugar cane fields 
and the President started chasing him.

"Don't chase a big truck into the sugar cane fields
 in my sweet red mini van."

He didn't go far until he knew it was a bad idea,
but I am sure the missionaries were loving it.

Well, no need to chase anyone today.  
My red mini van was scraped by a parked car.
I have no idea how that parked car moved
all by itself and scraped my car.

Let me just say this...
I have been driving in this incredibly insane peruvian traffic
ever since we arrived here... which has been almost a year.
I have dodged and darted and maneuvered 
my way safely through every
crazy obstacle you 
can imagine.

And then...
I am pulling off the side of the road
to let missionaries out and in,
just that simple,
and I clip the tail of a parked car.

What is going on?

The sweet missionaries jumped to the rescue.
One of them was translating for me,
One was calling the Mission Secretary in charge of the cars,
Two of them were picking up the books that we
were there for in the first place.
One was looking at the fingernail marks in his arm
from where I grabbed him
when I heard the scrape.

And then the sweetest thing happened,

While we were waiting for Alexis, 
the mission secretary to get there,
the missionaries do what they love to do,
they started teaching the Gospel
to the man with
the damaged car.

He was sincerely interested
and lives in our neighborhood.
the President and I are having him and his family 
over for dinner and Family Home Evening.
The missionaries arranged that too.

This might be 
the most fortunate fender bender in history.
I knew it wasn't my fault..  It was the angels!

The ugly dents could be the beginning of something very Beautiful.