Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, April 8, 2011

Cambios en la Oficina!

It's that time...
We are shaking things up in the office again.

Elder Mayorga is going out to work hard in the field.
He will be fantastic. 
Elder Chacaltana is the new Assistant to President Turk

Elder Monzon is training Elder Márquez
to take over the mail room.
This is a critical position.
You can not mess up the flow of packages to missionaries
or you could be shunned for life.

In the Finance department
Elder Jones is training Elder Facer.

Elder Jones is showing Elder Facer the secret safe.

 He is trying to explain the importance of 
complete confidentiality. 

"This is no joke Elder Facer.
I am about to give you the secret combination."

"Okay, I get it... I won't spill the beans."

"Shhhh... Listen closely, I will only say it once."

"Do you have it?  Can you open it?"

"Are you kidding me. 
Now I understand the importance of 
being the keeper of the Safe!"

This is more precious than Gold to a missionary.