Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Road Trip... real men wear aprons!

This is Elder Facer the new Financial Secretary.
He and Elder Andersen drove with me to Chimbote.
We came a day later than the President and 
brought all the goodies for the Pensionista Conference.
We had our big pensionista conference here in Trujillo.
But we needed to have them in the farther zones too.

Well, I didn't have Lucy or Alicia with me
so we packed up their goodies and their aprons
and guess who had to wear the aprons?

"Yes, Sister Turk, I am man enough to wear the apron"

I stayed out of these conversations... but he was man enough
and he put together some very nice looking 
dessert trays for me.
Thank you Elder Facer.... Sorry Elder Chacaltana!
He's kidding of course - 

All the pensionistas came and we had a great time honoring them
and going over a few changes.

This is not an easy job.
We love you pensionistas!

I always find a few extra photos on the camera.
It's good for me to see that these 
very responsible 
Missionary Leaders 
are still normal young men sometimes.

This is funny and that is a very good dog.