Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scripture Power...

A True Treasure!

I was walking out of the room from our multi zone conference while all the missionaries were out for their break and across the tables I saw about 130 different scripture covers.
I took a few pictures.  I wish I would have taken all of them.
These scriptures have become the missionaries greatest possession.
They learn to have a deep and abiding love for the Book of Mormon.
They see this sacred book changing thousands of lives including their own.
Our missionaries can turn in the Book of Mormon and give you answers to all 
of life's questions right from a Heavenly Source.

Millions of people have come to know the Savior, Jesus Christ through the study of this Book.
They have learned about the great Plan of Happiness.

If people call this Book wicked....  They have not read it!
If they call Joseph Smith a fraud.... They have not read it!

The Book of Mormon gives us the greatest gift ever... the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love this Book.  I testify that it is true!

Missionaries are handing out copies of the Book of Mormon all over the world, even as you read this. So what is this book? If it’s given out for free, why do so many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints count their Book of Mormon as one of their most valuable possessions? What kind of book can cause so many readers to change their lives, their minds and their hearts? What kind of book can answer life's seemingly unanswerable questions?
The Book of Mormon is the word of God, like the Bible. It is Holy Scripture, with form and content similar to that of the Bible. Both books contain God's guidance as revealed to prophets as well as religious histories of different civilizations. While the Bible is written by and about the people in the land of Israel and surrounding areas, and takes place from the creation of the world until shortly after the death of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon contains the history and God’s dealings with the people who lived in the Americas between approximately 600 BC and 400 AD. The prophets in the Book of Mormon recorded God's dealings with His people, which were compiled by a prophet named Mormon onto gold plates.
Before these faithful Christians perished, their record was safely hidden away. Joseph Smith obtained these ancient records in 1827, and with the gift and power of God Joseph was able to translate the ancient writings into what we have today. The Book of Mormon, along with the Bible, testifies that Jesus Christ is our divine Redeemer and that by living according to His gospel we can find peace in this life and eternal happiness in the life to come.