Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, May 16, 2011

Luis is Baptized

President Turk ran to this baptism yesterday in between other meetings.
This is Luis Grijalva.

He has been the security guard for the institute for the past three years.
The institute in downtown Trujillo has over 600 students.
There are many classes around the clock.
They are religious classes for the university age students.

And of course Luis had many invitations to attend classes there.
And finally took them up on it.
As he took the class, he knew that he better listen to the missionaries.
There was something good, great and true
in what he was hearing.

He was baptized on Sunday.
Thanks to the Elders who taught him
Elders Calisaya, Del Aguila, Castro and Cotrina

He is now enrolling as a full time student at the Institute!