Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Odd Couple...

I did a few surprise room checks today.

 Below we have the Odd Couple.
On the left is Oscar and on the right is Felix.
And nobody knows who Oscar and Felix are, do you?
It was an old TV show that had two roommates that were complete opposites.
Oscar was quite the slob and Felix was compulsively clean.

Oscar, on the left, drew a face on his orange.
Felix, on the right, has his pens in a row according to style and size.
I am calling these missionaries these names to keep their anonymity.

                            Oscar's desk                                                        Felix's desk

Another little known fact about the  "Odd Couple"...
Our High School performed this play my sophomore year
and guess who was in this play?
That's right,
President Terry D. Turk
He was cast as "Roy" a poker friend to Oscar.
Who knew that the President was a drama geek!
I think I will start revealing little known facts about the President 
on this blog.  Let's see if he reads this.
Stay tuned.

This is Elder Huntington and Elder Castro
Their room was spotless.
They won this weeks room check.

They are not the odd couple.  They are both very neat and clean.
Thank you Elders.