Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A mother to the Rescue... AGAIN!

My Mom, my daughter Molly and her son Griff - 

How can you express thanks to a mother that has come to your 
rescue your whole life.
And now she is coming to the rescue... AGAIN
Only this time for something so sacred and special to me.

My daughter Molly is about to give birth to our new little grandson
"Walker Nash Watts"

and of course, I will not be there.
There is only one thing that could keep me away
and that is being on the Lord's errand.

Molly and I have talked this through many times.
Well, she has let me talk it through for me.

She is tough and has no problem with this.
But she knows that I worry.
And what about her 18 month old son?
I should be the one chasing Griffy and wiping his nose
and changing his diapers.

My Mom has stepped in with a whole army
of sisters and nieces and cousins
to watch over and be with my daughter and 
her little boys when this happens.
She could have the baby any moment,
but will be induced on the 12th if he hasn't come before.

I feel at peace because there is no replacement
for me the mom except
for my mom
who is even better.

Molly, we are Blessed to have Mama.

My life has been so richly blessed by having a mother
that knows who she is and knows who God is.
She has made covenants with Him 
that have empowered her life for good
and for each one of her children, grandchildren
and great grandchildren.

Thank you Mom for having me.
You are simply the most unselfish person I know.

I will love you forever!