Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Cowboys and their Cowlicks

I am sure that you know by now that I call the Cajamarca Zone
the Cowboys of Cajamarca.
They are awesome.

During this visit I talked with them about the 
"Elephant in the Room"
We are all in denial about the mission division.
But I had to address it with them today
The next change will determine 
who goes and who stays.
They are all wondering if they are leaving us.

I told them this...
If you are serving right now in Cajamarca ...
it doesn’t mean that you are going to the new mission.
But I want you to know that the missionaries that will
go to the new mission are…
*First of all, not completely decided upon.
*They will be chosen only through inspiration of the President.
*And they will be those that fit the specific criteria from the Brethren.
*They will be those that have been fasted and prayed over.
*They will be those that we know will represent us 
well in the new mission.
*There will be some that have been trained for specific assignments.

There is not one missionary that we want to let go.
*They are asking us for our best.
*They are asking for producers.
*They are asking for our favorites.
This will be the most difficult thing that we have faced in the mission by far.
We never ever want any missionary to think that we are getting 
rid of them...
Those that will leave will be those that we LOVE!
Those leaving our mission to the new mission
will always be one of our missionaries first
and a part of our family forever.
I really can't think about this, I can't stop crying.
I pray mostly that those leaving our mission will feel the promptings and know that it came through inspiration.

Here are my cowboys.
I know them so well, I can tell you who they are by their
cowlicks.  I spend a lot of time in the back of the room.
Moms try to pick out your son... Easy!

We have almost 200 missionaries and most of them are latino.
It is hard enough to get all their names but
try memorizing all their cowlicks...
Difficult but not Impossible.
You just have to love them so much that you even want to 
know how their hair grows!

Here they are in order...
McGrath, Albines, Prebe, Bourque, Morales, Villalobos, Cardoza, Rojas, Burymski, Vasquez, Rodriguez, Ebmeyer