Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who's Who in Primavera?

A great group from the central part of Trujillo
known as Primavera Zone

Elder Wilkinson and Elder Ramos
one from Utah and one from Guatemala
You decide!

Hermanas Chipana and Laso are from Peru, and 
Hermana Bigler is from Utah

Elder De Leon from Guatemala and 
Elder Meza from California

Elder Castro from Lima
and Elder Merida from Guatemala

Hermana Herrera from Nicaragua
Hermanas Calle and Montes are from Peru

Elders Facer and Elder Calcina
Facer is in Finances and Calcina is in training.

Elder Jones and Elder Andersen
Jones is the Zone Leader for this Zone
and Andersen is still the Personal Secretary to the President

Sweet Elder Morales is from the Jungle of Peru and 
is being trained by Elder Puente below

Elder Barinas from the office
Elder Pacchioni the other Zone Leader for this group
and Elder Puente is a Trainer.

Elder Whitehead from Utah
and Elder Pickett is one of our trainers and he is from Idaho

Elder Chacaltana the President's Assistant 
and Elder Sanchez is from Lima

Keep up the great work!