Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet Cinco de Mayo and Anniversary

We have not been able to find Mexican Food anywhere in Peru.
All the Elders know that we miss it like crazy.

While we were in Cajamarca, 
Elder Nichols said that he knew of 
a Mexican Food Restaurant here.

I jumped and said we have to eat there because it is Cinco de Mayo.
We were on it.

We walked through the Plaza and ended up in front of this sign.
What is this....  A pizzeria that also serves mexican food?

I was so leery about even going in, but it's Cinco, 
what are you going to do?

It turned out to be some of the best Mexican food ever!

Maybe because we haven't had it for so long... 
 We loved it.
Thanks Elder Nichols and Chacaltana for taking us there.

These sweet morsels were filled with really good cheese and then fried and the Guacamole was delicious.

Below is what they called the taco.
It even had beans.  Beans are not seen here in Peru.

This is their version of taquitos.  They are filled with spicy ground beefand cheese and then fried in a fresh tortilla.
Delicious salsa too.

As we ate our mexican food and enjoyed the company 
and live music...
We also talked about our son Parker and his wife Hali.

It is their anniversary on Cinco de Mayo.
It sure makes it easy to remember.

We are so thrilled that our children have chosen 
such wonderful spouses.
What a beautiful gift.
Parker and Hali have a great marriage
and they are being so obedient by producing perfect grandbabies.

They have Tillman and now a little girl coming in July.
Thank you for getting married.
Thank you for loving each other.
and thank you for the babies.
Happy Anniversary!