Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Take the Picture!

Look what it takes just to get one decent photo of my missionaries...
These missionaries have been with us only five weeks.
  President Turk, Perez, Velastegui, Fuentealba, Sandoval, Sandiford, Herrera, Calcina
Sumi, Olivares, Morales, Gamboa

Hey, look at me.  What's so funny you two on the front?

No, no don't pick his nose,
Do you want me to stop him Hermana Turk?

Look I will palm his face... stop picking his nose!

Okay, leave his face alone
Hey, absolutely no biting!
Elder Morales... look up.
You two on the right move in closer.

President, tell them to leave each other alone now
Elder Morales, please look at me.

Enough already did you hear Hermana Turk?
It's fine now Elder, they stopped, turn around.
one, two ...

Don't you ever tell us to stop Elder.
We listen to the President.

No Elders. just let me get one shot before you...

Anyone, Anyone... Please let's just get the picture....

Don't do that  really someone is going to get hurt.

Elder Sandiford... don't put him in a head lock.

Please Elders... Just one good one.
President ... a little help please

Elder Velastegui, don't fall on them, you could....

Elder Sandiford, let him come up for air.
Elder Herrera, thank you, you have been ready for every shot.

President, President, wait really we will shape up now...
Come back!

One out of fifteen turns out okay ...
It's a lot of hard work being a
mission photographer.