Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, June 7, 2013

Packing is Finished!

I love getting all the packing out of the way...
It is finished!

...but I did have to call my sister Julie for a little therapy.
 Julie served with her husband in 
Montevideo, Uruguay.
She knows what I am going through.

Do you know what her advise was to me...

Janet... Just stay there!

In actuality ... I think I made her cry with me.
She told me that she would go back in a second.
Now we both need therapy;

Oh great...
Now I feel better?

The truth is... we will never have all these missionaries
around us like this again.  There is a spirit that is undeniable
while you serve a mission.
We are thrilled for all the memories that we will
have forever.

Never fear....
President Turk and I have always been pretty good about
rolling with the punches.
We have dealt with change well.
We are ready for the next Chapter of our lives.

And who can complain when we are going home to ....

These sweet ones!

Yippy for Grandchildren!