Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesdays with Terry....

We had District Meetings with the East Zone today.
President Turk stays in the meetings and listens to the trainings...

...While I take Elder Smith and Elder Fackrell
and we grab one of the Zone Leaders and head
out to check rooms.... 

We can have up to 110 apartments ... 
so it is a constant quest.

Today we took Elder Hyde with us on our adventures.
One of the stops was his room.
Here he is showing us his family calendar.

and we still find a lot of Funky stuff in every room...  

 After the District meetings on Tuesday...
Our missionaries take time to clean the church buildings
to help all of our Bishops.

The Bishops love this!

Thank you East Zone....  You are doing fantastic!

We have a big service project with the Mayor tomorrow.
I think we will have 100 of our missionaries there.
Pictures tomorrow...

 I am still babysitting my alpacas and now a tortoise in back of our
hotel room..  I want to release them from their ropes
and take them to the beautiful mountains of Huaráz.

? All of the sudden I am a big animal activist ?

Sorry I can't free you today... I am a little busy.