Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, June 24, 2013

What Will Happen to the Blog?

What will happen to the Blog?

This is the number one question that I receive 
daily from friends, families, missionaries and members...

The truth is...
I don't know

I will be blogging up until the 21st of July when we report
our mission in our home ward...

We will report Sunday the 21st
in the 6oth ward building at 11:00 am
2152 E. Adobe
Mesa, Az 85213

What if I miss blogging?
I might have to keep going.
It keeps me honest and focused!
We shall see...

I  do want to thank everyone for your kind
letters of appreciation for this blog.
They are very nice.
I am so happy that this blog has helped
so many feel a part of the Trujillo Mission.
I did not want to keep all of the fun to myself.