Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Precious Things....

We were out checking rooms today in the Palermo Zone.
It is still so incredible to me the things that I will find
in the missionaries rooms...

For Instance...

Eat the inside... Save the Outside?
This is just wrong.

And look at this 3 dimensional little gem stuck to the wall
I have no idea...

There are always interesting homemade
weight sets to be found...

And for almost two years now....
no matter where he is transferred,
every time I come upon this bed with the football
I know exactly whose room I am checking out.

Nice, smooth bed Elder!

You can also tell that he was serving in Campiña.
This is the area you can make your own Huacos.

To get to this cute little room on the third floor
you must go up a narrow staircase and then up 
another set of stairs that is more like a ladder.
Our missionaries are always on the top floors with the 
laundry lines and the dogs.

Great job Palermo Zone...
Especially a big thank you to Hermana Balcaza...
She has been baptized by fire.
She is the Hermana Asignada - Equivalent to a Zone Leader
She is training Sister Ivie...
She is teaching and training her District and Zone.
She and her companions had 4 baptisms this last week...

The amazing thing is that she barely finished her 12 week training 
herself a couple of weeks ago.
She is outstanding.
Every one of our Hermanas are stepping it up.
They have got to hit the ground running.

Congrats Hermanas!