Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Big Day for Turkitos....

Today Tillman Turk is 4 Years old.

Tillman is very smart, funny, happy, intense, 
concerned for others and a perfect grandson.
Mama T and Papa T love you so much Tillman.

It is also Father's Day. 
Happy Fathers Day Parker.
He is the best Dad ever!

And also today... Parker's wife Hali is due with
another baby girl.

 Come on baby June Girl!
16 might be a very lucky number for the young Turks!

I want to wish Landon our son-in-law a
Happy Fathers Day too.
He is an excellent Father!

My father knows how I feel about him
even if he is not with us any more.
I love you Dad!

Men who honor their Priesthood
and Preside with kindness, protect and provide
for their families deserve high praise and are the key 
to family success!

I happen to be married to one of those men.
I am surrounded by wonderful, amazing Fathers
and men of God.
I am blessed beyond measure!