Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday Blessings...

Sunday morning we were in Casa Grande for our last Stake Conference there.
It was very emotional.  President Turk spent a lot of time with 
all of these members because when we arrived here 3 years ago...
Casa Grande was a District...  but two years ago
it became a Stake.
So after the conference it was a big deal saying goodbye 
to all the members.

The Elders all sat on the first two rows... we weren't sure what they 
were doing ... but they were a part of the big last choir
number that they had prepared.
President Turk took this photo with his phone
while we were sitting up on the stand.

You can see that the conference was held in a giant tent.
We will miss the saints in Casa Grande.  Many tears were shed. 
I had mascara all under my eyes
for all the photos taken after...  Love to see those on Facebook.

We also had one of the greatest firesides last night in the East Stake.
They had invited about 10 converts from the past year
to bear their testimonies and tell their stories.
I could have listened to these all night.

This is one of the sweet families that are now preparing for the temple.

Here is the choir that sang a beautiful arrangement
of missionary songs.  Thank you for your time and practice.
It was unbelievable.
They had refreshments and kind words for us after the fireside.
We can't thank the East Stake enough for this glorious
night they had prepared for us.

We will miss all of you very much.