Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I left it on the Bus!

Elder Leavitt, one of our new ones...  
left his new suit coat on one of the buses.
It is long gone.
He is definitely not the first to do this.
So today after our training, I took him to our favorite
missionary discount store and got him all suited up again.

The funny thing is that on the way over I told him that there 
are not many suits that are long enough for the tall North Americans.
I told him that they always have to add a piece of material to the bottom 
of the pants.  If they ask you if you want the lacy material
Say no...  Just get the material that is the closest to the color 
of the suit.

He had no idea what to think about this.

As soon as I said it.... 
I couldn't help but laugh.
I just crack myself up.

While he was trying on the suits...
He would get the coat that fit him in the shoulders
but the sleeves would be up to the Elbows..
It was tricky with the pants too....
way to big in the waist or skin tight.

They eventually found the best one and it is 
now being tailored to fit him perfectly

Do you see his head poking up over the
dressing room door?

I have used this store for 3 years for all the clothing
needs for my Elders.
I told the owner of this store that we have been here for 
three years and that we were leaving
the end of this month.  
He looked at me in shock and sadness.
He wasn't sad we were leaving...
He was sad that he would lose our business.
But I told him that all the missionaries will
still be here.
He was so relieved.

I am always teaching my Elders about suit etiquette....

* which buttons to button
* long sleeve shirts with a suit - (exceptions in the mission)
* flat front suit pants - no cuff
* actually no cuff at all for mission suits - the cuff gathers dirt
* full break on the pant when hemming - or they end up way to short here.

I could go on and on...
After being around hundreds and hundreds of suits,
I am learning a few things.