Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Peruvian Quilt...

I have been gathering colorful t-shirts with fun logos
from all over Peru so that I can make a great quilt when I 
return home.  It is going to be my therapy when
I need to come down from my Peruvian Experience.

The textiles in the middle will be the back of the quilt 
and the squares in between the t-shirts.
Good Luck to Me.

I have a few more t-shirts that I need to buy.
I am on it...  no time to spare.
I will also be incorporating some of President's ties
and my scarves.... and I have the Trujillo Temple,  Our mission logo
and our Missionary name tags made into material squares.
I will be able to wrap myself up in the quilt and cry
myself to sleep when I miss 
my beloved Perú!

While I was staring at my t-shirts and laying out my quilt...
President Turk was on the treadmill
reading from what else...


He was telling me how much he loved the language in chapter 3.
He said it is so inspired.  There is not a wasted word,
the progression is perfect and the spirit is powerful.

Chapter 3 includes all the lessons that are taught to the investigators.
Have your sons and daughters read chapter 3 often.
It is great preparation for things to come
and for daily life.

We thank Heavenly Father for this beautifully inspired resource
every single day!