Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, June 27, 2013

That's Entertainment!

We had a fun surprise goodbye party this afternoon.
Lucy, Alicia, Alexis and the office Elders
were all a part of this plan.

When we got to the Church,
these men came in blowing their unique horns and shells.  
It was very dramatic.
They then played a few numbers that were really fun
and had a narrative along with them.
These men live right around the base of the 
Huaca del sol and Huaca de la Luna.
The man with the pan flute is our Huaco making friend.

Alexis then had some words and a beautiful tribute that he had written.
The office Elders made us a goodbye video
that made me cry....
I will have to get it and put in on the blog.

And of course Lucy had been baking and cooking
and put out a beautiful spread of delicious food.

How do you thank everyone for everything they have done for us.
It keeps going and going and going.

We are so in debt!