Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sneak Peak at the New Ones....

Our new ones have been here for 3 weeks....
They were in for their one month check up a week early
due to the schedule changes to accommodate
the new President.

There were no tears today

Except for me!

  They were Tears of Gratitude...

Tears of Love...

Tears of Sadness....

Tears of Joy

Tears of Excitement

I am just one bundle of emotions...
and the missionaries know it.

We are going through some strange times 
with the size of our mission right now.
We have our usual missionaries that are finishing 
their mission leaving on Monday.
There are 22 of them.

Then we have 18 of our temporary missionaries
that are also leaving on Monday.
These are the Peruvian missionaries that have been serving
here with us while waiting for their visas.
They will be serving in Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina.
We have loved each one of them.

And then on top of this mob leaving...
We have our Huaraz missionaries that will be 
turned over to the other mission
on June 30.

This is a mass exodus of 56 missionaries.
The mission will be contracting for awhile.
We will be 172 missionaries.
This will be the smallest our mission has been
while we have been serving.

Tuesday we will have a group of only 8 new ones arriving.
We have 15 in the States that are in Visa limbo
and 6 in Central America waiting for their Visas.
They should have been arriving early next week.
Now we are not sure when they are coming.

It is an absolute miracle that all of these missions
around the world are functioning at such a high level
with the amount of details it takes to make it happen.

When you live in the mission field and see all of the
unbelievable infrastructure it takes to make everything work...
You understand why we all need to donate to the mission fund
as the Prophet has asked us to do.

Let's all do whatever we can to keep the work moving forward
until it fills the whole earth
and the Lord can say 
"The work is Done"