Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Family on the Fourth

We are loving the time we have to catch up with our children
and Grandchildren.  They are so sweeeeet!

They love the ski caps that I brought home from Perú...
They are just a little warm to wear in the 110 degree weather.

So we head to the pools and live in the water.

Pretty Penny loves Papa T....  But not the high throws.

We also are going to the air conditioned Movie Theaters.

Today was the first movie that President Turk and I have been to 
for way over 3 years.  We can´t remember the last movie we have seen.

The little boys loved Monsters University.
I only fell asleep two times.  That is fantastic for me.

We are eating BBQ at Molly and Landon's tonight 
Landon is our grilling expert.

We will also watch the fireworks together.

We are soaking it all in and loving it!