Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, July 8, 2013

Primary Class Visit...

A funny thing happened to us on Sunday...
We got a note passed to us from one of our cute 
primary children in the ward.
The note was from her mother and it was asking if 
Brother Turk and I could come into her class and tell
a story of how Heavenly Father blesses missionaries.

Well, of course we were thrilled... we love primary kids
and missionaries more than anything.
When we arrived to room 13 they were just starting to sing
"We'll Bring the World His Truth"...
So Terry and I jumped in and started to sing
one of our favorite primary songs with them.

After about 3 lines... I was weeping
and Brother Turk pulled out his hankie and looked at me
like... pull yourself together.
I was making the children nervous.

So I sucked it up quickly and kept singing...

 Then Brother Turk started to tell some stories about his missionaries
and pretty soon he was tearing up and had to get the 
handkerchief back from me...
Now I was giving him the look like...
They are never going to want to go on a mission
because all we do it cry about it.

We hope that they really understood how much we love our missionaries
and how much our Heavenly Father blesses his missionaries.
Sister Parker... thanks for inviting us into your sweet class.
Primary is the best!