Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, July 12, 2013

Around the House.....

We got up early this morning and went to work around the house...
We were cleaning out the garage, the attic, the storage room.
We had the air conditioning men coming, we had the landscaper coming, 
we had the appliance people coming and the window washer coming.
There was a little bit to do after three years of absence.

And just as we finished everything...

It started to rain.

When you wash your windows, it will surely rain!
but we didn't care because we have missed the 
sound of rain, the thunder, and lightening.
And it cools everything down.
It is called the monsoon season around here.
Huge dust storms roll in before the rain.
There is always clean up to do after the storms.

There was hardly any rain in Trujillo 
and for 3 years we never, ever heard the sound of thunder.
I love thunder and lightening
But the day that we were waiting at the airport
for the Marlers..... Right when their plane landed and we were
taking off our name tags...
It started to pour rain in Trujillo.

I am just sure that the heavens were crying with us
as we finished our mission.

I know... I am a little dramatic. 
Let it be and Let it Rain!