Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, August 26, 2013

Friday Night.... Saturday Night

We had a fun little dinner party friday night
with some of the missionaries in town.

And I am so on vacation or something...
I didn't take any pictures 
so here are a few from their facebook pages...

We had Jason Jay Ralph and his wife Rachel and baby Chloe/Khloe? over.
His baby girl is beautiful!
They have moved near the Mesa Temple...
We are excited to have them so close.

Elder Benfell Armstrong was there with his fiancé
Jodi Farnsworth...  Jodi and I were comparing family histories but
we are not closely related.  She and Ben make a great team.

Sam Anderson was there of course

And so was Elder David Frietz
We had some great mexican food
brought into our home
and we stayed and visited 'til late.  It was great FUN!

Saturday night we took the Hunsakers... Brent and Aubrey
and also Sam Anderson
to the wedding reception of 

 Elder Brennan Ogburn ...
Elder Ogburn was in our mission for several months
and then was divided off into the new Chiclayo Mission
with President Risso.

But he is still one of our missionaries.

Then Brent, Aubrey, Sam and Terry and I were
able to go to Dinner to Logan's
and catch up on each others lives...

Super weekend... thanks to all our dear missionary sons!