Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Funny Story...

President Turk had a routine colonoscopy
this morning as part of his 
complete physical after the mission.
That's funny enough right?

Everything went well and the results 
were clear and normal


When the nurse brought me back into 
the recovery area
he was coming out of the anesthesia...  
He was proselyting to all 
of the nurses.  He had his recovery
nurse committed to serve a mission.
She was older and LDS and had been 
deciding if it was for her...
It seemed to hit a nerve with her and she
felt that it really was an answer
to her prayers.  I jumped in and 
testified that there is nothing better
than a mission... 

She was so focused on what we were
saying that she was giving us all the
wrong paperwork and having us sign
all the wrong documents.

I loved that when my husband was given
his truth serum- the anesthesia... that the 
missionary spirit still came pouring
out of him.

Don't worry... he would have been talking
about missions and the Gospel 
with or without the medication.

No colonoscopy photos will be included
You can thank me later!