Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Together Again...

Throughout Terry's life he has had a handful of 
dear friends that have been a constant.

They were known as the Gang in High School.
The biggest difference between the picture from high school 
and the one taken now would have to be HAIR!

No matter how much time has passed or the distance between them
they don't skip a beat when they get together.

The wives have always gotten along great...
We knew that we would have too...  there would be no choice.

Oh the stories that I could tell about these fine men...

Everyone of them has had triumphs and trials in their lives
and everyone of them has survived and thrived!

These men...
it's funny to call them men when they get together
because I feel like I am back in High School when I'm around all of them...

 These men...  have been such a support to each other.
Their love and loyalty runs deep.

It was a great reunion to be together again after three years.
Life is beautiful when you have great friends.

John Sezate, Brent Gardner, Paul Nielsen, Terry Turk, Lane Reynolds,
Dick Jones, and Brian Nissen