Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Holiday Week... Alzar La Voz

We have had a few days of Holiday Celebrations going on all over the City
and in the different neighborhoods.

There were a few funny little parades ...

to honor the Independence Day of Peru.

Our missionaries love to be out with the people.
So holidays are the best for our missionaries.
They all head out to contact as many people as they can.

They can get a lot of referrals this way.

President Turk went out with a bunch of these missionaries contacting.

 Elder Retamal and Elder Elmer

 Elder Jaramillo and Elder Pickett

Elder Fajardo and Elder Cosigua
 Elder Romero and Elder Erickson

Elder Zetina and Elder Fernandez

There are so many photos... I can't list all the missionaries...
Use a magnifying glass and go find "Waldo"

Alzar La Voz means Raise the Voice... This is when Districts and Zones get together
to blitz one area for contacts and referrals.

This one was very successful.