Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Alarming!

Last night is rained just a little bit.  It hardly ever rains here and 
when it does it is during the night.  
Well, we have an electrical short somewhere
in the house alarm and when it rains our alarm goes off really loud.
It was about 2:30 in the morning and we jumped straight
out of bed in one of those "sleeping panic run around what do we do" things.
It sounds like WOW OH WOW OH WOW OH
and it is very, very loud.

It happened the first time when Tom and Melissa's family 
was visiting ...of course.
And it went off three or four times in the night.
It was ridiculous.

We don't know if we have intruders or a little rain.
I am more frightened by the rain.
The rain can trigger it many times.
Our neighbors have to love us.

You can see that we live in quite the safety fortress.


We attended a baptism yesterday in this building.  Can you believe that we have been here 
over a year and we are still visiting buildings that we have never been too?
This building is in Esperanza and it's beautiful
like all the buildings here.

We attended these baptisms below...
 two were eight year olds 
and then a mother and son were baptized too.
There was a struggle getting the eight year old boy in the water.
It was cold and he was afraid of the water.
There was nothing the father could bride him with 
to get him to let go of the wall.
Then he finally did get in and his foot went up out of the water 
and he would not do it again.
He wants to try again next week.
The rest of the baptism went on without a hitch.

Elder Laborde and Elder Fajardo taught
the mother and son.  There was such a sweet feeling
as she bore her testimony.

Elder Fajardo on the left is the Elder that had the brain tumor
removed about a year ago and returned and is doing fantastic.

Great job Elders!