Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On your Mark... Get Set... GO!

I feel like I have been with 2000 stripling warriors today.
Oh they are outstanding like the warriors
but I am talking about the sheer volume.... 2000.
I have been in a sea of white shirts and ties all day
and thank goodness a few skirts.

Parents, your missionaries have arrived safely and are now
assigned to their trainers and their new areas.

Top Row - Elder Martinez and his trainer Elder Berroterán   East Zone, Chimu
Elder Quispe and his trainer Elder Mendoza   Viru Zone, Chanquin
Elder Rivas and his trainer Elder Hargis   Casa Grande Zone, Ascope

Middle Row  Elder Richards and his trainer Elder Vilchez   Chimbote Peru, Los Pinos
Hermana Arce with her trainer Hermana Parque    Chimbote Sur. Buenos Aires
Elder Gutiérrez with his trainer Elder Bourque    Porvenir. Gran Chimu

Bottom Row   Elder Ortellado with his trainer Elder Briones  Casa Grande, Chocope
Elder Mieles with his trainer Elder Whitehead   Huaraz, Carhuaz
Elder Marchant with his trainer Elder Canaan  Huaraz, Central

 Above Top Row   Elder Hansen and his trainer Elder Sanchez   Primavera, Primavera
Elder Huaman and his trainer Elder Cotrina   Viru, Viru Pueblo 2

Middle Row  Elder Jensen and his trainer Elder Gomez   Chimbote Sur, La Florida
Elder Hurley and his trainer Elder Contreras   East Zone, Otuzco 1

Bottom Row  Elder King and his trainer Elder Martinez   Huaraz, Huarupampa
Elder Vélez and his trainer Elder Lopez   Chimbote Sur, Cumorah

 Above Top Row   Hermana Cortés and her trainer Hermana Lamas  Chimbote Sur, Gardenias
Elder Castillo and his trainer Elder Ramos  Chimbote Sur, San Jacinto
Elder Alva and his trainer Elder Vera  Chimbote Peru, El Acero

Middle Row   Elder Armstrong and his trainer Elder Gomez  Chimbote Peru, Central
Elder Fernandez with his trainer Elder Zetina   Laureles, America
Elder Espinal with his trainer Elder Mikesell   East Zone, Otusco2

Bottom Row   Hermana Langi with her trainer Hermana Ortiz   Huaraz, Huaraz 1
Elder Davila with his trainer Elder Munson   Chimbote Peru, Cambpuente
Oops a duplicate picture on the bottom row
but below we have Elder Bulmini with his trainer Elder Wilkinson  Laureles Zone, La Noria

In between all the training and the bus rides and the luggage moving and the temple site
and the lunch at the mission home 
and the games and the changes all over the mission
...Elders and Sisters coming in from all over 
and swapping locations and companions...

...we ran to the airport to pick up another new Elder from Iquitos.
 This is Elder Rengifo.  He will be with Elder Pacchioni who is 
using his hand to present his new companion to all of you.
They will be great together.
And of course the bookends are our office elders... 
Elder Facer and Elder Glasgow.

As I am typing all these names of our missionaries 
and seeing their faces,
I keep saying over and over with each one
¨Oh, this is the best missionary. 
They are lucky to have them as a trainer"

We are so BLESSED to have the best missionaries in the 
whole wide world.

Also Thank you to the Parents of our new missionaries
We will take good care of them
with a lot of Love and Prayer.