Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another great day with family...

Saturday afternoon we went to this sweet baptism.
I had Tom and Melissa's family sing the special number.
They did a great job.
Everyone loves to hear English here.
This baptism was in my ward just around the corner.

This is our Young Women's President.
She couldn't keep her hands off of Isaac's blond hair.
Neither could any other Peruvian lady.
They all loved to touch Isaac's head.
He was nice about it.

She and Melissa shared a few notes about Young Women.
Melissa is the YW President in her ward too.
They are joined by the counselor in the YW in my ward.

Saturday night we had championship dancers at the Mission Home
for a little education on the country's dances
and for some fantastic entertainment.

They have all won National titles.

The Marinera in Beautiful.

The children were fabulous.
Their facial expressions are so fun to watch.

Of course you have to pose with them after the dances.

We had the Giraldez family and my dear friend Mabell and the office Elders for dinner.

Summer, Meg, Janet, Melissa, Martha and Mabell