Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Minute to Win It... Primavera Zone

This is the view I look at many days of the week.
Thank goodness it is a great view.
We had the Primavera Zone in today for interviews and training.
Half of the zone comes in the morning 
and then we eat with the whole Zone 
and then the other half stays for the afternoon shift.

Below is Elder Frietz from Phoenix and Elder Barja

Elder Dipaz on the left and Elder Prebe on the right.

The four singing Elders above and the four singing sisters below make up the morning group
Hermanas Montes, Apaza, Avendano, and Calle

Here is a fun stress release "Minute to Win It" activity.
You place a cookie on your forehead 
and you can only use your face muscles to lower the cookie
until you get it into your mouth.

We have some really talented facial muscle moving people in the 
primavera zone

This is the afternoon group along with our office Elders.

Glasgow, Martinez, Farnsworth, Valdivia, Facer, Chacaltana, Castro, 
Pickett, Hansen, Chun, Jones, Marquez
Hermana Palamino, Hermana McVey, 
Huauya, Sanchez, Morales, Barinas and President Turk