Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, July 9, 2011

So Much Joy in One Day...

Our day started with breakfast with these two...
Our personal secretaries.
We had french toast and eggs made by
President Turk.

This is the last breakfast with Elder Andersen.
He is heading out in the field on Tuesday.

Then we got a skype call from this precious one.
He smiled and cooed and giggled.
Walker Nash is growing so fast.

We attended the baptism of this young mom.
She is so happy to find the Gospel
of Jesus Christ.
She wanted guidance for her young family.

(Elder Sandiford and Elder Cayhuan)

She bore her testimony and said that at first she was just
partially listening to the missionaries.
And then she decided to read and pray about 
what they were teaching.
She said that she cried to the Lord
to let her know if this was true and correct for her.
She was given an answer that she cannot deny.
She felt the spirit of the Holy Ghost
bare witness of the truthfulness of this Gospel...

and this is all you need.

Millions have had this witness that cannot be denied.
I have felt this witness over and over again. 
I testify it is true and it is real.
She followed the witness and was baptized.
Do what is right let the consequence follow.

Her husband has felt something different with the
missionaries and is preparing for his own baptism.
How exciting.

Then to top it all off,
my brother and his family when they came last week
brought us our favorite salsa
from Matta's restaurant from back home.

We bought some chips and enjoyed each bite.
Wow, a little piece of home
brought so much