Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Human Foosball with Porvenir Zone

Primavera Zone and Porvenir Zone met us at McDonalds for lunch and then we
were off with Porvenir to play human foosball.

But of course there were a few extra hamburgers that they had to play
"paper rock scissor" for.

Human foosball is the great equalizer.
Everyone can play no matter what your skills because
 you have to work as a team.

It doesn't matter if your a girl, a child, or a soccer star
you can have a great time all together playing this game.

After foosball with porvenir we also played some soccer on the big field.
It is such a great release for missionaries to run, kick, and enjoy
this beautiful weather.

They all made my family feel so welcome and loved.
Thank you Porvenir!