Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hope Alliance... The Eyes have it!

There is a group called "Hope Alliance" that comes here to Trujillo
every year in order to provide eye examinations, 
eye care and eye glasses.

There are Optometrists, Opthamologists, Business Students,
 Organization Coordinators, Volunteers,
and then there are our Missionaries
that come to translate.

Our missionaries do such a great job.

They help administer the eye exams and translate to the American team
of Doctors and Volunteers.

The man with his eyes closed below is Tim Barney.
He is first cousins to the late Dennis Barney from my home state.
He is the Organization Sponsor.

This group stays in town for about a week working around the clock.
We rotate our missionaries in every few hours.

They bring in thousands of eye glasses and each one is appreciated.

We love to be involved in great service and humanitarian aid.

Thank you to all who donated their time, talents and money 
for this worthy cause.