Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beautiful Sabbath

 After we went to church, we were able to get on skype and see our 
son-in -law give our 
grandson, Walker his baby blessing.
They had traveled to Utah to be with Landon's family
so they had his blessing in their home with his Bishop.
It was beautiful and we got to be there.
I love that.

We then went to the Temple site to show the Farnsworths and have a little devotional.
We are excited for the Temple to be here.

The kids each gathered a little rock to take with them 
to remember to keep their eye on the temple.

We then broke our fast and had a special FHE with these people.
My brother and family are leaving on monday night so we had it on sunday instead.
There were testimonies shared and some music and some games and refreshments.

It was a Perfect Sabbath Day.