Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Minute to WIn It Games...

We have added a few minute to win it games 

The bean game is so funny.
I am glad that nobody passed out.
I put two different size beans in the pan.
The big bean is worth five points and the small is worth one.
so of course they go for the big bean.

The big bean takes a lot of air to get to the other side.

The toilet paper roll game is fun
but the Elders kept their eye on the unrolled toilet paper.
They bagged it and took it home.
They thought this could save them a few soles for the week.

We also added the tennis ball in the bucket game.

This group went down on their knees to do the cookie race.

This picture below cracks me up...
They are doing the praying limbo to get that cookie to crawl down their face.

This is the dart throwing...
They each threw 2 darts
They are magnetic, no sharp pieces here.
We took the highest scoring dart from each companion 
and added them together.

The picture below looks like a fun apple game
But it's not...
It was just time for refreshments.

But maybe we could add the apple bobbing game...
no, too messy!