Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Introducing ... Our New Ones!

The Big Blue Bus picked up our new ones and took them to the 
Temple grounds first thing this morning.

I made sure they all had their recommends in order to enter.
They didn't  really need one to come onto the grounds
it would be sad not to have a recommend to enter the Temple.
It is where Heaven and Earth come together.
If you are worthy to enter, you can receive answers to the questions of your life.
Guidance, Peace, Focus of Priorities, Joy, Understanding, Education
are some of the things you can receive in the Temple.
If you have not been, prepare yourself to go there as soon as possible.
The Lord wants everyone to enter his Temple.
There are sacrifices and requirements to enter
but they are worth everything we have to give.

This is a nice looking group.
I will give individual pictures and bios in the next post.

I love to gather in a circle on these sacred grounds.
Life is great when we know why we are here on earth.
There is more to this earth life than trying to accumulate things 
and do things that are fun and exciting and enjoyable.

We are here to follow these simple words from our Savior...


I testify that when we follow Him, this is when we find true joy and happiness!

See, just look at our missionaries... is this not pure joy? 
 Well, it's something...

Oh, Elder Facer is going to love this!