Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello Viru!

Elder Wright from Oregon and Elder Vera from Chile
are the Zone Leaders for Viru.

Elder Huaman and Elder Cotrina share the same love for 
Huacos as I do.  I am so happy.

Here is the whole Zone from Viru
along with the President and the Assistants.
Great Group...  We love them

Below are their names...

Elders Sandoval      Elder Huntington
Elder Serrano        Elder Zapana

Elder Cotrina      Elder Márquez
Elder Facer      Elder Rodriguez

Elder Barinas      Elder Chacaltana
Elder Glasgow      Elder Pickett

Elder Wright      Elder Quispe
Elder Mendoza      Elder Vera

Elder Cornejo      Elder Mamani
Elder Astoyauri      Elder Huaman