Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Wedding Planners

This is Elder Ralph and Elder De Leon.

They are our wedding planners.
Well, they were the wedding planners for the mission last week.  
They had several couples needing to get married
so that they could be baptized.

Not many couples get married here in Trujillo.
It is a hassle with all the paper work and it costs money.
But if they want to be baptized they have to be married.

This is when our missionaries turn into the 

After all the planning and paper work and details
Elder Ralph said that he was never going to get married.
Ha Ha

They did a great job.
All of the couples were very happy to be married.

And now they were all ready to be baptized.
This is the proper step in the great plan of happiness
given to us through the 
Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Here are a few other pictures of the baptisms in the 
Porvenir Zone last week.

Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice Elders.
This is the work of the Lord
You will not fully understand the importance
of what you are doing until much later in your lives.
When these people have grown in the gospel 
and have been sealed together ...
they will thank you continuously.

These people will love you forever and ever...
and so do we.