Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weak in the Knees...

One week ago our new ones arrived in the mission.
It was a very large group
Hermana Cortes was part of that group.

 She was put with Hermana Lamas
and sent to Chimbote to begin her mission.

Things were going great until there was a fall.
Hermana Cortes tripped on something and hyper-extended her knee
really bad and then fell hard on the other knee.

President Mendes took her to the clinic in Chimbote
where they advised her to come to Trujillo for some
extensive tests on her knee.
President Turk and Elder Glasgow drove this morning
to Chimbote and brought them home for an
MRI and other tests.

We hope that it is just a bad sprain.
We don't want surgery.
I will let you know what happens...

The tests she took today were blurry and they will have to 
MRI her again tomorrow.
Pray for Hermana Cortes.

"We get on our knees and pray and then jump to our feet and go to work!"