Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Straggler...

President Turk went to the airport and picked up
(far left)
who is from San Diego.  He was stuck in the states
until his visa came.

He has been serving in the Salt Lake Mission for the last week or two.
Elder Retamal will be his Companion.
(next to President)
and then on the far right we have
Elder Huaman
who is returning from the Santiago Chile mission...
where Elder Retamal is from.

Elder Perez, President Turk, Elder Retamal, Elder Huaman

Elder Huaman is from Huaraz.  
so President releases those from his Districts.

We have six more Guatemalan Elders waiting to come to us too.
They were supposed to be here today
but somehow they are stuck in limbo.
We will hear from Area Presidency soon we hope.

We are thrilled to have Elder Perez serving with us
 and glad that Elder Huaman has 
returned with Honor.