Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Confession of the Subway Sandwiches

Let's see, how can I start this story.
Here is Trujillo we are asked to avoid eating a few items.
They have found that a lot of sickness can be prevented by not eating
Strawberries, Lettuce, Pork products and Ceviche 
(raw fish marinated in citrus juices)

So we all follow these guidelines...

Every few weeks we have to send some of our
 new missionaries back on a plane
to Lima to get their documentation finished.
We usually send 4 or 5 at a time and they spend the day there in Lima
in the government buildings and if they have time they get to attend
a temple session in Lima.
Then they are back on the plane for the one hour flight
and I usually pick them up at the airport if I am available.

Well, this time a couple of the office elders jumped in.
I wondered why they were so adamant about coming along this specific day.

And then I saw why...

When our new ones arrived and came out to the parking lot
They had a big bag that they handed to our office elders...
who gave them a big hug and jumped into the van.

You see, there is a Subway franchise in the Lima airport
that ships all of its product from the United States.
The norteamericanos were having a few cravings 
and getting a little smarter
and gave the new ones a few soles to buy the sandwiches at the airport
and carry them through security and babysit them 
on their laps for the one hour flight back to Trujillo.

In less than a minute, an unnamed Elder had unwrapped all four
footlong subway sandwiches to see which one was his.

He grooved on that sandwich the whole way back to the office.
It had ham and lettuce plus a bunch of other stuff.
He handed out the rest to those that had paid for them.

We will keep the mastermind behind the sandwich smuggling
 a mystery for his own safety...  ha ha
As the office elders gets smarter, so do our new ones.  
They have said that they are not going to be
babysitting the traveling sandwiches anymore.

We discussed this and decided that this is really not prudent anyway.
Goodbye Subway... Unless they open a franchise here in Trujillo

Anyone......  Anyone?
I am pretty sure that the missionaries would keep it thriving.