Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Temple of God....

We were able to go through the Gilbert Temple Open House.
This beautiful edifice is just 20 minutes 
from our home.  
It will be dedicated on March 2...

But before it is dedicated... they are expecting 600, 000 people
to walk through and see the interior.

We went with our daughter Molly and her husband Landon.
They live just around the corner from this Temple.

We have gone through a couple of times and have taken friends
and family to enjoy and feel the spirit of this beautiful place.
We will be going a few more times, so if you need to go with 
someone,...  Call us!

Last week we also had our dear friend Brooke Walker and her husband
Marc Farnsworth come visit us while they were on a short 
weekend to Scottsdale.  We love your husband, Brooke.
Great Choice!

Thanks for stopping in...   Now, we need to get your parents here!