Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, October 4, 2014

General Conference

President Turk had a special time at General Priesthood meeting with
some of his missionaries and our son Parker….
Elder Sam Andersen is still making our life wonderful by
keeping track of all the guys and making arrangements left and right.

Elder Sebastian Vera is one of our missionaries visiting from Chile.
He is here for about 10 days.
He was one of our assistants for several months.
We called him the quiet dynamo in the mission.
Every missionary loved and respected him
and would jump when he called.
He will be a great leader in Chile someday.
(Oops... he already is the Stake Executive Secretary)

This is Elder Dougie Brian… also one of our office Elders for months.
He kept us in line and organized.  He not only was our financial clerk at one time
but also our personal secretary.
He is really a great guy…
Ladies I think he is single...  I guess I should make sure before I advertise.

Last but not least our son Parker…
Parker surprised his wife and brought her up for the weekend
without the babies…  They are having a great time.
Thanks to grandma and grandpa Nye.

General Conference weekend is my favorite time of the year!