Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, January 19, 2015


We were hosting my husband's company event in Mexico this last week
It was a perfect setting for FUN!

 Right on the beautiful warm beach....

Here are just a couple of our fun adventures...

Our very favorite thing to do is Jet ski in the warm ocean...

and guess what... we found a ton of dolphins... THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!!
They were racing us and they jumped up next to us and they were swimming all around us.
We stopped and touched them.   They are the greatest!

We also found a few Iguanas at the resort... 
this little guy was always at our doorstep.

We found this little turtle on the sand.... a security guard came right over and helped us 
release it right back in the water...  They take good care of these little guys.
They release about fifty to a hundred each night right at sunset so that the birds
won't eat them.

 Our son Parker and his wife were with us and we went 
up in the jungles on Quads for the day....
Oh boy did we get muddy and have a blast!

So many things to do and never enough time....

We will be back soon Mexico... We can't stay away!