Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Party On...

I have been throwing a few parties this holiday season...
It's fun to have an excuse and a deadline to 
get the house looking festive.

We can even party outside during the holidays because of the 
spectacular weather in Mesa, Az during the winter.

I have thrown some parties for church, for the Relief Society,
for my 14 year old niece and nephew

with all their peeps....

 I threw a party for my niece Annie - for her day date 
for the Christmas Formal.
This is her group below.

We still have Company parties...
Family Parties,.,  etc....   tis the season, right?

But yesterday I was able to help with the
big Devotional, Party, Lunch, Service Project....
for the Mesa Mission.

My brother-in-law, Craig Ahlstrom is a counselor
in this mission here to President Jenkins.

There were about 220 missionaries there.
What do you think happened to me?
Oh yes, there were some tears.

But I jumped right in when all the missionaries were
early for lunch.
They were there an hour early....
I started some of our favorite games from our mission
while they finished preparing the lunch.

It was a big success but very sentimental and sweet.

I saw Elder Bigler and Elder Bakaitis,
brothers to some of my Hermanas.

Oh, how I miss my missionaries!