Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, April 19, 2014

BYU Rugby… Not for the Weak!

Last week we went over to the big Rugby Inaugural Bowl at ASU.

BYU Creamed ASU and we couldn't be happier…
Do you see the big guy in the middle…
in the blue stripes with the ball?

That is our nephew, David Collins.  
He wears the bright yellow shoes.

David is the one with the bulging vein in his head…

Rugby is a strange and brutal activity.
But BYU has quite the reputation in this sport.
They have been National Champs many times…

(David is the second from the right on the back row)  

They are on their way again to Nationals… they just beat Dartmouth in the quarterfinals.
Congratulations BYU and David… Let's go all the way!