Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Beginning of a BIG Celebration!

My mom is turning 80 this year.
80 has never looked so great!
Her birthday in July 7th but in Mesa AZ
the temperature can kill you that time of year…. so we are starting the 
party early…. It will last for months.

We will be having many events to celebrate the end of June
but today we started our family service projects
before the heat hits in a big way..

Each of her 12 children were assigned to one of the areas
of need...

These are some of the projects we did for my mother…
We emptied her mini storage...

 We went to the Family garden and basement and emptied
hundreds of boxes of old year supply products

There were families assigned to her home upstairs in the large pantry
and more families in her attic getting rid of 
stuff that has been weighing her down.
(Sorry no pictures of these events)

I am proud to say that my mother is now thousands of pounds
lighter… and free from any extra JUNK in her life.

I am going to have my children come and clean out my attic for my
next birthday….  SURPRISE ME KIDS!!!