Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Boogie Boardin'

 Boogie Boardin'...  Swimming with the Dolphins
and Boating were the activities for the day.
 When Tillman put on the wetsuit…  
 He thought he was a super hero!

 June Bug ate so much sand… we called her the little sandbag.
 Tillman got schooled today in the sport of the Boogie Board 
 and he fell in love.

Here they are …  the Incredibles!
 Look who showed up in the backyard….
 my favorite things on earth….
 Dolphins everywhere….

 We then jumped on a boat in the afternoon and 
 relaxed and loved this perfect weather.
 Penny girl fell right to sleep from the moment we got on the boat.
 There were a lot of Captain Turks on board...

Gotta love San Diego!